Race For Life 2018

I have always wanted to run Race for Life, but have never felt brave enough to enter, until this year. Always thinking I was too slow, too big, not fast enough…

I had already lost a few pounds and I was feeling good about my #slowrunner status! Knowing there would be runners, walkers and joggers and it wasn’t chip timed made me sign up for this one as my first ever 5km in “real life” run. Being an avid fan of virtual races, this was all going to be new for me.


I arrived ridiculously early (just to be sure I didn’t miss anything) and managed to take a few photos and mill around.

Soon we were lining up by the walk / jog / run flags (I went for the back of the joggers), and then we were underway. Seeing all the fellow walk / jog / runners with their signs of who they were running for was a very poignant moment, and made me feel rather sad as we crossed the start. However, we were raising money for such a good cause, this cheered me up a little as we set off on our way.


At first I dodged a few walkers and settled in to a nice jogging (I am hesitant to call it running) rhythm. I was buoyed by fellow runners, and even chatted to a couple on the way round and was recommended a local running club! I am still too shy to actually join but it was a lovely thought.

There was one section on grass that was a little uneven, so I took a walk break here and made a couple of friends. I was worried about running on a uneven surface, having only run on pavements before.

The day was very hot once the sun came out and I cursed myself for not bringing along a drink, and I was very happy to see the 500m to go sign. That 500m felt like an eternity, but I ran all the way back to the finish and was super proud to have done it, and to have finished in under 55 minutes. A few 10km runners passed me on the way to the finish, and I set a goal in my head then to be able to do the 10km one day.

A very nice cold drink awaited me from my better half, and I left having been truly bitten by the running with others bug, looking for the next race to enter…

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